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Primary Health Care

Primary health care (PHC) initiatives calls for participation of Apa community members in implementation and decision making. We provide affordable services at our community hospital. PHC is an important approach of health that is  beyond the traditional health care system that focuses on health equity-producing social policy.

PHC includes all areas that play a role in health, such as access to health services, environment and lifestyle.Thus, primary healthcare and public health measures, taken together, may be considered as the cornerstones of universal health systems.

A primary health care approach includes three components according to WHO standards:

  • meeting people’s health needs throughout their lives;
  • addressing the broader determinants of health through multisectoral policy and action; and
  • empowering individuals, families and communities to take charge of their own health.

By providing care in the community as well as care through the community, PHC addresses not only individual and family health needs, but also the broader issue of public health and the needs of
defined populations.